Success Stories

Rachel Hernandez – 46yo

Mother of three & Real Estate agent


To lose weight, tone up and become more confident.

Total weight lost 16.4lbs

After my third child, I became less active and my focus shifted to fulfilling the needs of my kids, rather than that of my own. Although I was only 15-20lbs overweight, the extra weight was gathered in the most uncomfortable places. It made me feel uncomfortable every day and really effected my confidence.

Now that my kids are 23, 19 and 18, I thought I would finally get some help with my eating and some advice on how to exercise.

I had tried diets before and lost some weight, but always failed to keep the weight off and always bounced back even bigger than before. A friend of mine recommended Matt and I can honestly say, I would not be the same person today if I hadn’t met Matt . He helped me to change my life.

Matt spent the time to get to know me and understand why and how I had let myself allow the weight to creep on. He was always very empathetic and supportive and not only gave me the right meal plans to lose weight, but also taught me to make educated lifestyle decisions to maintain my results.

Over 12 weeks, I lost 16.5lbs and my body completely changed. Matt’s eating plans were easy to follow and made up of the foods that i actually enjoy.

Since my last consultation with Matt, I’ve lost another 4lbs and my body has changed even more. I decided to so something crazy and entered a 40+ beauty pageant!

And guess what! I was chosen as one of the Official Candidates for a Regional Pageant for 2013! I was the only one there as a first timer, all the other women there had been in beauty pageants since they were in their twenties!

Before I met Matt, I was overweight and unhappy. Now, words cannot describe how I feel, and best of all, people I don’t know are complimenting me on how good I look. That’s never happened to me before!

Rachel Hernandez

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Burt Lao –39yo

Father of four and computer programmer


To get in shape to combat high cholesterol, high blood pressure, avoid diabetes and to be able to keep up with four young children.

Total weight lost: 24lbs

During my school years, I was very active and fit but for the past 18 years, I have been working in front of a computer andliving a very sedentary lifestyle.

I now have four children and I really want to be healthy enough to be around to see them grow up. My doctor told me my blood pressure was too high, my cholesterol was far too high and I was heading for type 2 diabetes.

Well, Matt helped me understand the reasons why my body stores fat and makes me feel sluggish and showed me ways to trick my body into letting go of unwanted body fat and feel a whole lot better.

I am now off my blood pressure meds, my fitness levels are way better and my doctor says that I am no longer at risk of developing diabetes.

It has been a month since Matt and I had our last consultation and I am still going strong! The closer I get to my 39th birthday, the younger and slimmer I get. I haven’t felt this great since I was 18

Gold’s Gym even asked  me to appear in their commercial!

Burt Lao

Steve Miceli – 27yo

Sales consultant


To get ripped for a body

building competition

Total weight lost: 12lbs

I had been working out for nearly five years but never managed to drop enough body fat to see my abs. I thought I was eating well and training hard, until I met Matt. Matt helped me understand that I needed to redirect my efforts, contrary to what i thought was the way to lose body fat.

He showed me how eating more food and eating more regularly would help me burn that last 5kg of fat I needed to finally see my abs. I got such good results that Matt encouraged me to compete in a national bodybuilding contest, where I placed second in my category.

After six months, I still have the abs!

Thanks, Matt.

Steve Miceli

Sharon White – 34yo

Massage therapist/healer


To lose weight for confidence and compete

in a body sculpting competition

Total weight lost: 60lbs

After being overweight for most my adult life, I decided I need a huge goal to motivate me to finally lose the weight and live the life I wanted. I needed something extreme, so at 90kg, I decided I needed to drop 30kg to strut my stuff on a body building stage in front of 1000 people. The thought petrified me!

It was 2004 and Matt was a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in a gym I worked out at in Auckland New Zealand. I saw Matt’s other clients getting results, so I thought I would ask him to help me. I half expected him to laugh at me when I told him I wanted to do a body building competition, but instead, Matt greeted the idea with excitement and enthusiasm and told me that anything is possible and he was confident I could do it.

I had been to see other nutritionists before Matt, although the other nutritionists thought it was a good idea for me to eat one 6th of a protein bar as a meal (CRAZY)

Fortunate­ly i found Matt who put me on a healthy diet and I

looked FAB on stage. Although I didn’t place in the competition,

winning wasn’t the goal. I lost 28kg in 15 weeks and the

experience changed my life.

Thanks Matty

Sharon White