About Me

Over the past 20 years, I have been working in the Health and Wellness Industry as a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Group Exercise Instructor and Health Club Manager in India, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. I now reside in the beautiful coastal town of Hervey Bay in Queensland, Australia.

I have had the pleasure of providing lifestyle and nutrition coaching to thousands of people from all over the globe. From Athletes, people combating Cancer, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases, to people that just want to get in better shape and enjoy the benefits of improved health.

As a child I was severely overweight and was bullied at school. But on my 19th birthday, I decided to join a gym and get some nutrition advice. I soon lost all my excess weight and in 1999 I started working as a Personal Trainer. I quickly realised that exercise is only 20% of the equation, so in 2003 I completed an Auckland University of Technology Course in Nutrition.

As a child Matt was severely overweight. But on his 19th birthday, he decided to join a gym and get some nutrition advice. He soon lost all his excess weight and in 1999 started work as a Personal Trainer. He quickly realized that exercise is only 40% of the equation, so in 2003 Matt completed an Auckland University of Technology Course in Nutrition.

In 2004 I was selected as the Personal Trainer of the year in New Zealand and later that year, featured on several TV programs. (Some examples below)

In 2005 I was asked to be the official Personal Trainer and Nutritionist for a high profile American Supplement company, EAS, for their Body For Life Program in New Zealand. I made meal plans and trained celebrities to promote their program and product.

In 2016 after my Mother was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic Cancer, I started to research the many benefits of the ketogenic, low carb diet has which can help reduce the effects and in a lot of cases, reverse the effects of cancer. The experience encouraged me to develop an easy to follow online ketogenic meal planner,  www.ketofast.net which to date has helped thousands of people all over the world not only help manage chronic disease, but also lose fat and increase energy. Ketogenic eating is great for the majority of us, but I keep my nutrition prescription flexible as everyone has different wants and needs.

I believe that achieving optimum health is a mixture of science, psychology and basic math. Get the calculation right and it can unlock the secrets to achieving and maintaining the best you, you can possibly be.

Some facts about Me:

  • 20 years in the Health & Fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Trainer to Personal Trainers & Nutritionists in NZ, Australia, Philippines and India.
  • I have personally helped over 1000 people all over the globe manage degenerative diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s as well as helping many people get into the best shape of their lives and enjoy better health.
  • Voted Personal Trainer of the year in 2004 (See video below)
  • I have been a sought-after consultant to create recipes for food companies developing healthy meal options.
  • He has provided Health and Fitness Seminars/Workshops for companies all over the globe.
  • I has authored two weight loss cookbooks and weight loss ebook
  • Creator of the globally popular Ketofast online meal planner which you can view at www.ketofast.net.
  • I have been overweight for many of my younger years and understands what it feels like to be overweight as well as how great it feels to be in optimal health