Home Made Protein Bars

October 4, 2014

OK, they might not be the most attractive item of food you have ever seen, but they tatse great, are convenient and very healthy.


Popular protein bars you can purchase are a convenient way of eating on the run. On face value, they may appear to be healthy, but look further into the ingredients and you will see that most are nothing more than glorified high protein candy bars. I personally do not recommend eating anything unless you know exactly what is in it. (On that note, some protein bar brands such as BSC are free of aspartame and excessive sugars) 


In the attempt to sell more bars, many companies have resorted to adding chocolates, caramels and a whole heap of other sugar rich goodies to make their bars taste better.


If you look at the label of most protein bars on the market, you will often see that the sugar levels are about the same as a Mars bar. The fat content may be a few grams lower and the protein far lower, but sugar content will be similar. Some so called “Low Carb” bars, trick you by describing “Net Carbs” which is different from the overall carbs in the bar. Other sugars and carbs, which of course contain calories, are hidden as alcohol sugars or glycerine. They are still however sugars.


Most protein bars are highly refined to make them taste better and have better texture.


So, make your own! The following recipe makes the best tasting bars I have ever tasted. Seriously! And they have slow release carbs from oats and museli, good fats from nuts and are high in protein. These are ideal for anyone that wants a healthy high protein snack and especially good for Diabetics.


So here it is. Enjoy!


Brownie Protein Bars


Makes 10 bars


  •  6 scoops chocolate protein powder (2.5g carbs and 23g protein per scoop)

  •  1 cup/200g oatmeal/Museli (You can use a mix of Oatbran, Museli and oats)

  •  50g natural peanut butter (I prefer crunchy)

  •  3 Tbsp honey

  • 1 Tbsp stevia

  •  ½ cup low fat milk or almond milk

  •  3 tbsp crushed peanuts (70g)



  • Place the protein powder, oatmeal, peanut butter, honey, stevia and milk into a food processor and roughly blend.

  • With wet hands, roll into 10 bars and then roll in the crushed peanuts and press into bar shapes to finish.

  • Place in the fridge for about 30 minutes


Each bar contains 8.5g Fat, 22g Protein and 22g Carbs. Total 252 calories


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Home Made Protein Bars

October 4, 2014

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October 4, 2014

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