Weights then Cardio or Cardio then Weights?

October 5, 2014

We are all pressed for time and want to make sure that the minutes spent in the gym are as effective as they can be and provide us with the best results for the time spent.


I often get asked what is best for losing fat? Cardio then Weights or Weights then Cardio?



If you get the answer correct, you can hugely increase the effectiveness of your workout. So here is the answer and why.


Weights first, then Cardio




Your body can not burn fat until it has burned 80% of your stored glycogen. (Carbohydrates once consumed are broken down into blood sugars and stored in your blood, liver and muscles. Fructose is stored

in your liver). So use your stored glycogen for your more explosive exercises such as your weights routine.


By the end of an intense 45 minute weights workout, you are likely to have burned a large amount of your glycogen store. When you do cardio after, you are much more likely to be using fat as a fuel source.

Also, doing extensive amounts of cardio before your weights routine, will make you weak when you need to be at your strongest.


I do recommend however to do a 5 minute warm up on a relevant piece of cardio. If you are doing upper body, then use a cross trainer using your arms, or a grinder. For Legs, a light jog or stationary bike is suitable.


I prefer to work out in the morning when my stomach and blood sugars are low. A serving of low carb protein shake with a scoop of creatine and glutamine 45 mins before your workout is advisable for optimum results.


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