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Over the past twenty years, I have had the pleasure of helping over 1000 people manage chronic illnesses and improve their quality of life as well as helping many people lose weight, get in shape and feel great.

Matt helped me to understand the importance of eating the right amount of good, quality food and the timing of when to eat it. He created an easy to understand meal plan for me with foods I enjoy. I honestly feel like Matt has helped me to make a lifelong change.


Thanks to Matt I am feeling better, have more energy and have loss 30% of my targeted weight loss. With the help of Matt, his knowledge and nutritional plan I will be able to continue this lifestyle change and maintain my goal weight.


Matt is my nutrition hero!! I couldn’t do it alone, but with his help I am looking and feeling better than I ever have … and I’m pregnant!! Thank you Matt for all your continued help and support.


I would recommend Matt’s services- he is helpful and knowledgeable, patient and supportive and has a great sense of humour. I like to think this is the start of a new stage of my life (I’m fifty-five).


Matt is very motivational and talks so much common sense. I lost 2.4 kilos within the first 2 weeks even with an interstate trip and dinner meetings. I am looking forward to his continued advice and support.


Matt is really good about not judging and making you feel comfortable throughout your consultation, he REALLY listens. In just seven weeks I have lost 5.2% body fat, 4.8kgs and a total of 21.7 centimeters. I also have more energy and enjoy the way my clothes are fitting! My personal meal plan is easy to follow and I am enjoying far more food than I had previously been eating.