Now you can carry your very own personal nutritionist around in your pocket, making eating healthy and losing weight delicious, simple and convenient! 


The Pocket Nutritionist allows you to choose from over 100 tasty breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks (designed by Matt Straight, The Online Nutritionist) which will help you lose fat fast and get into the best shape of your life!


Each meal comes complete with a photo, recipe and nutritional breakdown so you will never have to worry about what to eat again! After entering your bio info, the app will calculate your “bank balance”, the exact amount of calories you need to consume daily to help you either lose weight or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle. Then start spending your bank balance by logging your chosen meals. The app will automatically withdraw from your bank account, leaving you with your remaining balance for the day.


The aim is to consume within 200 calories of your allowance. The Pocket Nutritionist will also suggest and track how much protein, carbs and fat you have eaten and let you know how your combined meals for the day are tracking against your goals. 


The Pocket Nutritionist App for iphone/ipad

by Matt Straight - The Online Nutritionist


Overspent and blown the bank balance? The bank manager will let you know and suggest depositing a workout to keep your calorie deficit in line with your goals and ensure your success. 

The Pocket Nutritionist will also allow you to track your weekly progress and let you know how much fat weight you will lose and how much you have already lost! 
It might not be the prettiest app on the market, but it works! 

When you follow the guidance of the Pocket Nutritionist, you will reach your health and fitness goals whilst enjoying foods that truly satisfy your appetite for good food! 


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